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Maintain a clean and crisp lawn through the cold months

Fall Lawn Clean Up

Save Time. Save Hassle.

Let the Titan Team take care of your property this fall.

Cleaning up the leaves off your lawn in the fall can be the key to good health for it in the spring. Aside from making your property look beautiful, scheduled leaf removal prevents various fungi and pests from thriving in your yard.

It’s best to take care of leaf clean up now, rather than deal with the costly expense of nursing your lawn back to health or reseeding bare spots later.

Transform the look of your property by pairing leaf removal with driveway/walkway power washing. 


We have custom pricing specific to each yard and level of service required. All final pricing subject to property visit, leaf density and lot size.

Weekly Leaf Clean Up: starting at $99 per visit*

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Monthly Leaf Clean Up: starting at $129 per visit**

One-Time Leaf Clean Up: starting at $259

The average Georgia customer spent $498 on their clean up services in last year. 

Here's What to Expect

4 weeks minimum*

3 months minimum**

Displayed pricing based on light leaf density on 0.2 acre lot

  • First, our surveyor will come to your property within 24 hours to scope the job so we can provide the final quote. You do not need to be home for this visit. 

  • Once you approve the quote by adding your card to file, we will confirm the day of the appointment on our schedule. 

  • On the day of the job, our team will inspect the grounds for fallen branches and large twigs and place them in the specified area.

  • Finally, the specialist will blow the leaves and yard debris to a specified location on your property for disposal or mulch them; bagging and off-site dumping available for an additional fee​​.

Our Service Area

Grayson, GA

Loganville, GA

Snellville, GA

Lilburn, GA

Lawrenceville, GA

Proud to Be Locally Owned and Operated

*Minimum 6 weeks required

**Minimum 3 Months required

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